Agricultural plant protection UAV Will be fully put into the market

Release:2016-5-25 16:38:08 

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On the agricultural plant protection UAV

More farmers need to design a model, the operation is simple (fool type operation)

Complete function (fixed point, fixed high, flight FPV, real-time monitoring, can be equipped with various aerial equipment, load 5-10kg)

Price is more cost-effective (specific inquiry, please contact us, or message description)

More efficient operation, can be a long time operation.

Conducive to cleaning.

(below) is the company''s research and development of agricultural plant protection professional UAV

Testing is still ongoing, and now can make reservations

The first flight

Let''s take a look at the picture.

Long time work will not affect the normal play, load reasonably cut up to 8kg, the real sense of the solution to farmers in the pesticide spraying of human problems, and security issues.


But now the agricultural plant protection without man-machine growing market, a variety of UAV swarmed into the sky, who can lead the trend is still unknown, have a look first below I know some are on sale in the market of agricultural UAVs.


Ji flying technology the brunt of the earliest research and development of one of the earliest agricultural UAV

Evaluation: Handsome appearance to the impeccable, built-in configuration luxury and try to be measured.


Followed by the release of this year''s DJI MG-1

Evaluation: The official said a high cost of agricultural plant protection machine,


As well as a variety of UAV, I do not one one introduced, the picture to watch



The variety that dazzled, pictures are from the network (in addition, the company introduced the product map)


Just comment, the specific needs of the actual situation.


For the need of agricultural plant protection UAV convenient, see the above picture, consideration, personal recommend recommended (top) models, do not talk about the price, only that it is very cost-effective a agricultural plant protection UAV.

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