Newest X4-10P Agricultural plant protection drones Only for agriculture !everything As you wish!

Release:2018-10-31 14:55:59 

 X4-10P is the optimization of the shortage of the old, the whole machine structure is more reasonable, more practical, the whole flight is more stable and efficient. In the case of constant jet, the shaft distance is improved, and the X4-10P is more convenient and quick in the operation and transportation.

Professional for plant protection UAV to build better, more durable and practical models!


Thailand Agricultural Exhibition


 The latest upgrading of the two level filter, the entire fuselage structure, 

a total of three filtering, it can be said to meet all kinds of job requirements ah!

At the request of the advertiser, the remote control also has a comfortable 

placement area, and the baby no longer needs to worry about the remote control.

The latest E5000 Whole power, 40 diameter, conversion parts, what you want, 

we can do it.

X4-10P RTF





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